Repairs & Upgrades

We’re happy to help, whether…
You want a mechanic who will listen, you want repairs explained, or you just ‘want that weird noise to go away’ so you can get back to enjoying your ride.

Timely Service

To book for your preferred time click “Book Now” below, call or text 604-428-2453, or email We aim to have your bike ready for pickup the following day.

Drop-ins are also welcome – small fixes can sometimes be done on the spot, or we’ll give you a detailed estimate and schedule the service for a date that works for you. BOOK NOW

Specialized Mechanics

Our mechanics specialize in city, road and touring bikes and related equipment. If a job is outside our expertise, we’ll refer you to someone who can help.

E-bike Techs

Working on e-assist systems requires special training and tools. We are certified to work on major brands including Bosch, Shimano Steps, Bafang, Tong Sheng, and Bionx. If your bike is from another reputable manufacturer we may still be able to help, but please call ahead to confirm. If your bike is from a discount or ‘direct-to-consumer’ brand, we will respectfully decline to work on it. Ultra low cost manufacturing results in cut corners and poor quality, making the bikes difficult or impossible to repair.


Service Packages

Tune Up – $99

Wash and wax frame, clean rims and true wheels, clean and lube drivetrain and check for wear, adjust brakes and shifting, check and adjust bearing assemblies, ensure all bolts and accessory mounts are tight, inflate tires.

Advanced Tune Up – $139

All the “Tune Up” options, plus free installation of new cables & housing, brake pads, tires, bar wrap or grips if you get ‘em from us.

Renewal Service – $199

A complete overhaul – we’ll lovingly take your bike apart down to the frame, clean everything, and put it back together with fresh grease, bearings, cables and other parts as required. Doing this periodically will help your bike last a really long time, and afterwards it will ride better than the day you got it.

Ride Review – $25

Found a used bike you like? No need to meet a Craigslist’er in a random spot. Meet at our shop or have them drop the bike off. We’ll assess it and give you a report with our recommended purchase price, and costs for repairs and upgrades to turn it into your dream ride. We’ll also check the serial number against the police database to make sure it’s legit.

  Service Menu

Flat Fix - $19 + tube

Problem: Tire won’t hold air anymore.

Remove the tire and inner tube, find and fix whatever made the hole, put in a new inner tube.

Brake Adjust - $12

Problem: Brakes are squishy, noisy, or just don’t work.

Tighten the brake cables and/or realign the brake pads, lubricating components as necessary.

Gear Adjustment - $12

Problem: Rough or unreliable shifting, noisy pedalling.

Adjust the cables and limit screws that control the derailleur, lubricating components as necessary.

Brake Bleed - $25

Problem: Brakes are too loose or squishy.

Drain hydraulic fluid and replace with fresh.

Cable Installation - $15

Problem: Brakes or gears can’t be adjusted properly because the cables aren’t running smoothly.

Install a new cable and housing, adjusting other components as necessary.

Bearing Adjustment - $10/15

Problem: A wheel axle, handlebar, crank or pedal turns roughly, or has developed ‘play’ so that it clunks side to side.

Tighten or loosen the affected parts until they spin smoothly with no play.

Bearing Overhaul - $25

Problem: A wheel axle, handlebar, crank or pedal can’t be adjusted to spin smoothly because the grease inside is dry and dirty

Anything that spins on your bike runs on a bearing assembly – usually little balls running in grease on a track. Overhauling means taking it apart, cleaning it, and putting in fresh balls and grease.

Wheel True - $25

Problem: Wheel is no longer perfectly straight or round, and has developed a wobble or even a noticeably loose spoke.

Spokes are under tension and it’s the balance of tension that keeps your wheel true. Truing a wheel means adjusting the tension to restore the wheel shape.

Wheel Build - $50

Problem: You want your new wheel to last a long time and/or you want to be able to choose your own hub, spokes and rim.

Lace together spokes, hub and rim, and bring the spokes gradually up to high, even tension.

Wrap Handlebars - $15

Problem: No reason required because everyone loves fresh bar tape.

Wrap the bars, finish with your preferred colour of tape or twine.

Box Bike for Shipping - $65

Problem: You and your bike need a vacation.

Partially disassemble bike and lash parts together, taking care to pad frame tubes and delicate parts. Slide bundle into a sturdy bike box.

Bike Build - $200

Problem: Bike is not yet a bike.

Assemble bike using appropriate protectants and lubricants throughout and tightening everything to appropriate torque specifications.



Hourly Rate - $75

We love fun projects and custom jobs. Let us know what you’re looking for and we will help you make it happen.