When you come in to look for your new bike, we’ll be curious about:

What do you want to do on your bike in the next three months?

The next three years?

We want your bike to work for you today and give you room to grow. We’ll want to know where you plan to ride, how often, what you like to wear, and what you need to carry with you.

How does your bike fit into your life?

Most of the time we hope your bike will carry you, but occasionally the situation may be reversed. Do you need a bike that’s compact or light enough that you can lift it easily up stairs, onto a hook, or maybe onto the front of the bus? If your place is small, you may need a bike that’s simple enough to be kept outdoors year round.

What is your budget?

It can be tempting to buy the wrong bike because the price is right. But if you don’t love it you won’t ride it, and that’s just a shame. If cash is tight, you’ve got options. We can help you get a bicycle loan through Vancity or CCEC, or our service department can assist you in finding a used bike on Craigslist.


What type of bike are you searching for?

  • Townies are stylish and comfortable bikes for everyday.
    Also known as cruisers or even cafe bikes, they have swept-back bars, wide seats, and low frames. Fewer gears keep them low maintenance, and fenders and chain guards keep the rider dry and clean. The iconic stepthrough frame with the sloping top tube is commonly found on cruiser bikes. These bikes are very suitable for riding to work, but no matter your destination you’ll look like you’re on your way to a fun picnic.
  • Road bikes are built for riding far and/or fast on pavement.

    They generally feature drop bars that curl downward, and frames and wheels made to be strong and lightweight.

    Race bikes prioritize performance. They are very light and stiff, and put the rider in an aggressive, bent over riding position. They are at their best when ridden hard and fast.

    Touring bikes are for long trips, where the rider is pedalling all day and possibly camping. They put the rider in a more upright, relaxed position and include mounts for all kinds of racks and fenders.

    Road sport bikes are somewhere in between — fast and light, but also comfortable and suitable for racks, fenders, and even carrying a light load.

  • Hybrid bikes are the Swiss Army knives of the bicycle world.

    Hybrids fast and light like a road bike, and strong and durable a trail bike. With flat bars and an upright, see-the-road riding position, they are equally happy in traffic, on the seawall, or taking a shortcut through the forest. They’re really great for novice cyclists or people who want one bike for lots of different adventures.

  • Gravel bikes go everywhere.

    Also known as adventure bikes, gravel bikes are for riders who don’t like to commit to a plan for their day’s ride. They have drop bars and quick handling like a standard road bike and wide, grippy tires to ride well over mixed terrain. Wherever you want to go, your gravel bike is designed to go there.