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Comfort Fit

  • For beginners, recreational cyclists, and commuters covering modest distances.
  • Assess saddle height, fore-aft, and tilt.
  • Assess handlebar reach, height, and width.
  • Explore options for improved comfort at contact points: pedals, saddle, grip
  • $40 – approximately 30 minutes

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Performance Fit

  • Recommended for serious riders and aspiring serious riders, including roadies, fondo riders, long haul tourers, and avid commuters.
  • Analysis of all body angles and contact points from both side and front view, including cleat setup.
  • $90 – approximately 75 minutes

Frequently asked questions regarding bike fitting:

I’m not sure I need a formal bike fit. How can I tell?

It’s time for a fit if:

  • you find your bike uncomfortable
  • you have acquired a new or new-to-you bike
  • you are considering changing your handlebars
  • you are changing your cycling habits – planning a big trip or race, riding with more or less intensity
  • your fitness has changed due to training or inactivity
  • Basically, every time your body, your bike, or your biking changes, it’s a good time to get fit.

What can I expect during a bike fit session?

We’ll chat about your cycling history and future plans, and then we’ll put your bike on a stationary trainer and assess your riding position using a combination of measuring tools, video analysis, and collaborative observation (“That looks better, but how does it feel?”). You will spend about half the time chatting and half the time pedalling.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your bike, cycling shoes if you wear them, and riding kit or fitted clothing so we can clearly see your body angles.

When can I schedule an appointment?

You can book in person by coming into the shop, over the phone by calling 604-428-2453, or by emailing . We take a $25 deposit at time of booking, refundable if you need to cancel or reschedule with at least 24 hours’ notice.

What is the scope of the bike fit program?

We are qualified to help generally healthy people get more comfortable and stronger on their bikes. If you have serious long term health or mobility concerns, we would recommend getting an ‘adaptive’ fit from a medical professional trained to work with complex bike-body challenges. If you are an elite athlete, we would recommend you see an expert bike fitter. There are some very good people offering these services in Vancouver and we would be happy to refer you.